There are more and more women looking for partners online nowadays. With the vast numbers of women online there are more and more men looking for porn fueled sexual chat too. I asked a sample of hundreds of women in 2014 the following simple question;

“How do you find meeting people online?”

Here are some of the answers.

Icegirl. July 2014
I choose who i meet in person. I’ve only met 2 in my whole year of being on the App. Both are not so nice guys so it’s either i am making the wrong choices or the biggest percentage of men in this world are just plain ********. There is something really wrong with the world. It’s driven by lust and hunger for power plus it’s self-gratifying and full of deceit.

Janette July 2014
My worst experiences are shameless Men. first they are sweet then there is drama and asking for money. What the hell!….They find me to be wise and they got nothing from me. They are gone now….I blocked them.

Khen July 2014
Hmmm it depends on the people whom i talked to… But honestly most of the time ive encountered, let just say not really nice.. 😐
Thats why there are times i want to delete my account:|

Mite July 2014
Well seldom you will find a true relationship online… But m here to hopefully find one… Coz most of the guys here are perverts and only want virtual sex from women which m not willing to do… 🙂

Glam July 2014
Rude and Uneducated

Ann July 2014
I know what u mean. Hard to find someone genuine on here. I’ve had no luck what so ever.

Ava July 2014
Cheated the one I love. It’s rare to find a relationship.

April July 2014
I read your blog, well put. Technology has been an extension of our daily lives.. and with this our world’s getting smaller as we can reach one another in just one click. However, the kind of online social problem of women being exploited has been worsen overtime. And women on the other hand, contributed to this problem as well by giving men the wrong signal.

Janet July 2014
I know its hard with people online.  You don’t know if they are telling the truth or not. But I just try to be myself.

Jess July 2014
A lot of them are posers so beware!


In spite of what some women might believe, it is clearly the experience of many or most women in online chat applications that they are preyed upon by sexually motivated men for the purposes of short term gratification. They are essentially being used as prostitutes. Of course, many of these same women, use chat software to flirt with strangers. Women need to be aware many men are actually using them to stimulate real-time masturbatory perversions. Knowingly fueling this appetite makes women complicit in the effects and consequences of the downward spiral of depravity that leads to and is associated with some of these men committing sex crimes online or in real life.

Genesis 2:23-24
The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.” for this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.

There is no marriage ceremony in the bible. Well let’s say, there is a ceremony, but it is not a liturgy. The process is simply described as a man leaving his parental home moving in with his wife and having sex with her. The phrase “the two become one flesh” is simply the act of sexual union. We could talk at great length about the power inherent in this act of intimacy. However this article is about marriage. I asked the question “Who is my husband?”
Most men have already left home these days. That does not in and of itself make them married. It is the sexual union that is the act that consolidates marriage. In a very real sense the act of sex does not happen outside of marriage. Biblically, it is my belief that ‘sex IS marriage’. Therefore, those men and women who have sex are performing marriage. Those men and women who have ‘multiple sex partners’ are therefore polygamous! Many people in western society frown on groups like the Mormons who have more than one wife. Many people look down on muslims for the same reason. However, multiple sexual partners amounts to the same thing, in biblical terms.

Let’s see what Jesus says on the subject?

Mt 5:27 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’ 28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

We see here the principle of the thought-of-the-thing, the-lust-of-the-thing being the same as the act or acting on the desire of the thing. If Jesus teaches that the lust of the thing is the same as the act then certainly chatting, flirting, or being sexually stimulating in conversation is the same as sexual immorality and the acts of fornication in God’s eyes. So now you know why this article is entitled “Who is your husband(s)?”. But there is a better way. Women who are online, have a way out of the nightmare.


In conclusion it is clear from a biblical perspective that taking part in sexualised chatting online with multiple partners is the same as polygamy. Obviously this is not, for the most part, how men and women who do this, see it themselves.
But this is an opportunity for you to sit down and consider the effect of what you or people you know are doing. God has a better plan. Men and women have developed a culture of promiscuity before marriage but that is not God’s plan. For God’s plan on this subject please see my other article entitled “My sister”.
The password in brotherjim



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