Where is the evidence for the existence of modern biblical prophets who perform healing miracles? With so many millions of cameras in the world today, even in poorer areas of the world, I have often wondered why there is not incontrovertible evidence of these prophets and their miracles. Surely the videos would be viral? Having recently viewed footage of actual alleged miracles I now have a totally different view than the one I had before. What I realise now is that, the pentacostals and charismatics very deliberately believe in false miracles. In cases of healings captured on camera in these churches there is visible proof of what is being claimed. Young girls with opaque eyes claim to have been healed of blindness because they can see a man moving his hand but they still have the opacity in their iris clearly visible to all. Others simply claim to have been healed and their only proof is that they believe it, only to die of the disease shortly afterwards. The latter is respected and encouraged as having great faith. But biblically we never see this kind of faith. We never see sick or diseased people in the bible claiming healings simply by faith with no evidence. Jesus healed his sick instantly and completely and it was evident to those present. 

I have not met many people who have claimed to have been present at a healing and witnessed it up close but with the Internet, YouTube and live television many have seen and believed in the ‘miracles’ of the Charismatic/Pentacostal movement. It is easy to see many so-called miracles today, right now, using your smartphone. Benny Hinn and Reinhard Bonnke are perhaps two of the most famous and well documented performers of false miracles in the world today but many, many others follow their genre.

Check every miracle in Jesus ministry. Each and every one was a total (Mt 12:15), immediate (Mt 8:3,  9:22, 15:28, 17:18, 20:34,  Mk 5:29, 10:52,  Luke 4:38, 5:25, 13:13), complete (Mk 3:5), visible (Mk 2:12) and indiscriminate (Mt 8:16, 12:15, Mk 5:22) healing. Check almost every televised miraculous healing, the claimed healing itself is visible so it is certain you can see the sick individual, but you cannot observe the actual healing take place. You NEVER see a limb restored! Why is it that there are some miracles from Jesus ministry that are completely absent in any form at all?  Jesus raised the dead at will and did so publicly and visibly so that people could believe. We never see this on Benny Hinn TV. We never see faithful persons with severe Cerebral Palsey or Downs Syndrome totally, instantly and visibly cured. These boundaries were not present in Jesus ministry.

Matthew 12:15 Aware of this, Jesus withdrew from that place. Many followed him, and he healed all their sick..

The sad fact is that many, many ordinary members of Charismatic and Pentacostal movement churches are content with false miracles. They read the same bible as me and see the same miracles as I see in the ministry of Jesus but they and the sick in their meetings have a totally different faith in God than me. They do not expect their leaders to heal the sick indiscriminately or to see biblical miracles like limbs restored or the total and instant straightening of spinal curvatures that double the sufferer over. Jesus healed ‘all’ the sick and all diseases.

The ministry of the prophet and healer is only available today in its falsified form. Churches claiming to have prophets and healers have false prophets and false healers. These men and women are happy to deceive the people into believing in there ‘less than miraculous’ miracles. They ask the people to believe that their miracles are those of Jesus ministry which they clearly are not! These people then follow the prevalent morality in their ministries and fall prey to easily believed tall tales like Premillenialism.

On the other hand, aside from the claims of false prophets and their less than perfect results, God does of course, answer prayers for complete healing of disease. This is an entirely different matter and the answer is not always ‘yes’ (2 Cor 12:8-9). There are people alive in the world today who prayed for healing and had healing that medical doctors could not explain. There is a big difference however between these prayed for cases, of complete cure and the regrowth of a withered limb. Complete, instant and visible, tissue regeneration is still the stuff of science fiction movies.

The miraculous healings of the first century church are unrepeatable as the gift of healing was for a specific purpose. These prayers today for healing are more often answered by the death or continued suffering of the person offering them or by provision of medical treatment. The miraculous gift of healing has passed away. There are no prophets today. Therefore, is is not possible for a church to claim to have all five of the leadership roles of the early church. The First Principals study series covers the passing away of the Miraculous Gifts. Churches who have this teaching about healing messed up also do not teach correctly on salvation. Ultimately no human beings live a long time. Life is short and it’s end is therefore always near. Consequently, spiritual healing is of the utmost importance. 

Seek the truth. It can still be found today.

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