So this weekend we gotta do it finally eh?! How long has it been now Bro?



You know what.. I know your sincere in your heart of hearts. Otherwise why would you keep in touch?

You know why I keep trying to get you to Sunday? I seriously wanna blow your mind dude!

It ain’t gonna be what you expect or what you’re used to. It won’t even be what you remember! Things move on and change and evolve.

If you need help, that’s not a problem. I know you wanted to make it out before now. Tell me what you need.  I’ll call you 7am. I’ll call you 10 times in a row. I’ll call you at 8am.  I’m ready to come to your area and take you. I can meet you at the tube.. beside our venue.. 9.45am.  I can meet you at the door. What will get you there? Come on man.. let’s do this!




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